I believe we are just about on the anniversary of the introduction of DigiScan from Lifenabled. I want to celebrate. Not only is a serious scanner in every team members hands, but having this easy inexpensive tool for our trade has pushed us our thinking and creativity in so many ways.

DigiScan Lifenabled
The future where prosthetist design sockets (not just shapes) is just around the corner.

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NCOPE Residency advice for success.

A short video from Brett Decker CPO

Try this link.

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Adjustable Prosthetic Stomper

Even though this has been in my videos forever, I realize now having it linked into my blog makes it easier to find.

Prosthetic Adjustable Stomper

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Socket Design Brainstorming

Update 2016 Osseointegration has arrived and it is fantastic.  I will provide a post soon but wanted to make sure anyone reading here got the current message.


Osseointegration I find boring. Is no socket the best socket?
 I went to school more then 20 years ago and osseointegation was right around the corner then. Implant dentistry has come light years in that time, maybe it is time for osseointegation.
 As a young child I saw videophones demonstrated in the Ben Franklin museum. They where going to be in every home by 1983. I actually sold them in the late 80s big deal, big hype, cutting edge. Without exception every pair I sold was so grandparents could see their grand kids. I suspect grandparents still account for much of all the video call traffic. Today we all carry phones in our pockets that can be video phones, but how often do we use this?
 And with that I am dismissing osseointegation I would rather talk about “video phones”
 Some times the future is not what they tell us it will be. We still get to choose what we get to use and do.
 Gell liners are not often talked about as revolutionary technology, but they are. They have had a huge impact on the daily comfort and function of amputees. Without them, would the sexier dynamic carbon fiber feet and bionics even be possible?
  With that out of the way this space for talking about socket design begins.

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Carbon Fiber 3D Printing

Prosthetics and 3D printing get linked a lot. After all we are in a one off custom world, perfect match for a bespoke prototyping machine. My usual response when asked about 3D printing, has been that it will be more likely that all your neighbors have 3D printers before we are regularly using them in prosthetics. The reasoning no strength in materials. The materials available do not have the strength we regularly need. However my opinion is changing and MarkForged is why.

First a few definitions and some history.

CAD-CAM short for computer aided design computer aided manufacturing. Even though many in our field believe they use CAD-CAM the reality is we do not manufacture anything using the computer (CAM) Some may argue that making a positive model that you manufacture over counts? I think that is a stretch.
Look, I know direct manufacturing (CAM) can be done in fact a class mate of mine more the 20 years ago was walking on a printed socket. Actually this predates printing, but was developed by people at Northwestern that understood prosthetics. So it used polypropylene or copolymer at a reasonable thickness. It was called squirt shape. My recollection is a rod of material was heated up and spiraled out onto a SLOW spinning turntable. This was not sexy technology, think coil clay pot, coils and all. But it worked. (Truth is we throw away the precision that modern technology provides. Also actually increasing surface area, coils, dimples etc may have great benefits.)

However my opinion, and response to folks when asked, changed a few month back. Some people are developing a 3D printer that uses a continuos strand of carbon fiber. So maybe in the near future we can get strong direct manufactured parts. Now that gets interesting. Lots of unanswered questions: how strong can it be with no weave?, will the carrier plastic have the right cross bond strength and resilience? Will the system support sizes large enough for prosthetics? Will it be take to long? Will the cost be comparable?
This gadget guy is suddenly interested in 3D printing again and keeping an eye on this company.


They have added multiple materials since I last check I may be drooling?

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Polishing aluminum on the prosthetic stomper

4 min video directions

I finally got around to polishing the prosthetic stomper and posting the video.

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The Truth Matters

Upon reading this article I decided I needed to add a book to my recommends page.
 The lies you have not heard about.
 There is a response to this. Do not be discouraged that it appears no one cares about our government lying. Dedicate yourself to personal integrity. Be prepared to stand up, stand out and stand in, to defend truth and those who speak it.
  “The truth is so obscure in these times, and falsehood so established, that, unless we love the truth, we can not know it.” Blaise Pascal 1623-1662

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