In Struggle Beauty

In struggle, beauty
I find the most beautiful things are imperfect and defined by struggle.

My favorite tree in my backyard is a dogwood that, by all indications, has had a challenging life. It is scarred. Pushed over by some accident of the past. At its terminus, where trees grow, it dies and needs pruning each year, unable to sustain growth that leads downward.
But in all this struggle is a unique beauty. I am honored to see this beauty in people too. I work with people who are missing a limb. There is no mistaking the impact on their lives, but if you look, there is no missing the beauty.


About prostheticdesign

John is a graduate of Furman University, he completed his prosthetics and orthotics requirements at Northwestern University Medical School in Chicago, IL. He is an ABC Certified Prosthetist Orthotist and a past Fellow of the American Academy of Orthotist and Prosthetists. His wife Susan is thrilled to be back in the Carolinas and she home schools their three children, Samuel, Katherine and Thomas.
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One Response to In Struggle Beauty

  1. I really love this post, John! I often find some of the most beautiful things also have some of the ugliest pasts. It reminds me of the song I grew up singing in church, “He gives beauty for ashes.”

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