Timely meditations on Vocation

Discovering your unique gift to bring to your community is your greatest opportunity and challenge. The offering of that gift—your true self—is the most you can do to love and serve the world. And it is all the world needs.  —Bill Plotkin


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Where Pareto Principle came from

Pareto Principle (80/20)

As much as I use it and understand it I did not know the history of  it birth. 

James Clear explaining how small differences (1%) accumulate into some of these 80/20 results is great.  

James Clear and Pareto

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In Struggle Beauty

In struggle, beauty
I find the most beautiful things are imperfect and defined by struggle.

My favorite tree in my backyard is a dogwood that, by all indications, has had a challenging life. It is scarred. Pushed over by some accident of the past. At its terminus, where trees grow, it dies and needs pruning each year, unable to sustain growth that leads downward.
But in all this struggle is a unique beauty. I am honored to see this beauty in people too. I work with people who are missing a limb. There is no mistaking the impact on their lives, but if you look, there is no missing the beauty.

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Stories from the field

It is fantastic when I find a mature refined prosthetic part that I had no clue about!

Motorcycle / Bicycle hand
Take note the story behind this is worth a read and is typical of how patients needs, create successful solutions.

It is fantastic to work in a field where our patients are our collaborators.

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Brent Wright LifEnabled

Autodesk article Brent Wright
Fantastic to see a great thoughtful article on what Brent is doing. 

3ders DigiScan
And another with DigiScan highlighted.

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Culture of Care Platon

For those of you with Netflix I would encourage you to watch Platon Photographer, in the new Abstract: the art of design, documentary series. Being present, matching mirroring, pattern interrupt, honest communication, all present in a wonderful spiritual context. First 20+ minutes is an awesome journey.

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NCOPE Residency Advice via Adam Savage

As Prosthetist we are makers. Adams message from the maker fair in 2013 has continued to resonate with me. I am making part of our onboarding and highly recommend it for anyone seeking an NCOPE residency.

Adam Savage (Myth Busters) on work.

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